Membership of MediCoop CFI is limited to health care professionals, health care workers and medical industry stakeholders and related parties. Our aim is to become the leading Cooperative Bank for the health care sector in Africa. Our members will typically include young doctors and other health care professionals seeking capital to set up practices; established medical practices looking to access affordable finance to fund a buy in or exit of doctors in a practice, expand capacity of a practice or acquire other practices; investment in medical facilities, with a requirement for financial and business support; remaining relevant by investing in medical equipment and technology.

MediCoop CFI has been formed to meet the needs of the health care and medical sectors and, with an understanding of the industry, is geared to provide not only relevant services for its members but also familiar investment opportunities to diversify members traditional earnings.

Our Objectives:

We aim to mobilise capital for the benefit of members towards:

  • Investment in health care facilities, -technology and -business opportunities
  • Advances and loans to members for expansion; acquisition; equipment purchases
  • Medical / surgical equipment finance
  • Medical practice management and financial services
  • Supporting new start-ups or buy out of partners / directors of retiring colleagues
  • Advancing quality and affordable health care to our broader community
  • Promoting investment in education and empowerment in healthcare
  • Providing other financial products and services to members

Organisational objectives include:

  • Building a sustainable business with excellent services, sustainable revenues and capital growth for its members.
  • Utilising the distinct advantage of insider knowledge of the medical industry in risk assessment and the support of close knit professional membership with a common bond.
  • Cost effectively manage and enjoy the support of the medical fraternity for its projects and investments.

We will prove to be cooperative, democratic and excellent in regulatory compliance as regulated by the Co-operative Banks Development Agency (CBDA) and
SA Reserve Bank.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to establish a Medical Co-operative Bank, subject to regulatory approvals, for medical industry stakeholders owned and controlled by them on
co-operative principals.

The vision implies an institution whereby capital and cash flows are mobilised from members within the medical profession and affordable capital is sourced for co-investment in the health care industry from external sources.