Benefits to Members

The members own MediCoop CFI and ultimately the members decide where, how and what we do!  MediCoop’s competitive edge hinges on its ability to bridge specific serious shortcomings in the banking and financing services offerings to the health care industry:

Access to capital: The MediCoop strictly regulated cooperative platform is ideal for balancing affordable and efficient finance provision to health care professionals, with the need for reasonable return, positive social impact and risk mandate requirement of health care capital providers.

Industry focused knowledge: MediCoop has, via its member network, the distinct advantage of a deeper understanding of the industry/specialization/operational risks and opportunities in health care. Its value proposition is to provide specific niche cooperative banking and value-added finance services to health care professionals, medical practices, medical facilities and other health care stakeholders.

Value chain diversification: MediCoop aims to be the leading catalyst in financing the health care value chain, unlocking opportunities for the health care profession to diversify from a traditional time and fee based revenue model, thereby building equity, capital growth, improved access to health care services for the community and attractive passive income/ return on investment for its members.

Services:  By way of strategic partnerships, MediCoop are offering value added related services to its members. These strategic partnerships have enabled MediCoop to offer its members financial planning and risk solutions in the life insurance, short term insurance, medical malpractice cover and group scheme insurance products as well as practice management, staff recruitment and placing and audit and bookkeeping services.

Transformation: MediCoop acknowledges the potential and need to transform the South African medical sector to represent the population.  In this regard MediCoop identified huge potential to play a pivotal role in achieving this objective by facilitating financing with tailored products and services and by doing so addressing the historical imbalance but and improving the patient to medical professional ratio, to grow the economy and improve health care outcomes in SA.

Members are invited to contact us regarding specific needs and the limited range of services currently available.