MediCoop and Aon supports GP Expo

MediCoop and Aon supports GP Expo


MediCoop CFI and Aon South Africa hosted a joint exhibit at the GP Expo, that took place from 23 – 24 October 2019 at Gallagher Estate, Midrand.  As a first of its kind in South Africa, The GP Expo created a networking platform for healthcare professionals such as general practitioners, doctors, clinical leads and primary healthcare professionals. “As the only cooperative in the healthcare sector, it was crucial to leverage the opportunity with our strategic partner, Aon South Africa, to showcase our niche financial and insurance products for healthcare professionals,” says MediCoop Managing Director, Theuns Botha.


South Africa has the largest health care market in Africa, estimated at approximately US $31.5 billion of which the private sector comprises 52%. Only an estimated 17% of the SA population has access to private healthcare via medical schemes, whilst the service delivery of public healthcare is under severe strain due to lack of human, capital and intellectual resources. In SA we have 0.8 doctors per 1,000 people, whilst the acceptable average is 3.1 per 1000.


“The current deficiencies in our health system is prompting the search for innovative ways to improve the current health environment within South Africa. It follows that cooperation and mobilisation of resources between medical practitioners, health providers, funders and government are essential in an industry that is looking for reform,” says Theuns.


Aon South Africa and MediCoop’s agreement paves the way for new doctors entering the daunting practice environment, often fraught with risks and liabilities that can put professional reputation and business and personal assets on the line. In this situation insurance is often seen as a grudge purchase. The agreement is set to assist new doctors to secure their business and personal assets and enable them to grow their new medical businesses, expanding the health economy in this manner.


“In a profession as fraught with risks as healthcare, a professional broker is adept at assessing gaps in cover and ensuring that your policy accounts for your specific needs and risk profile and that there are no exclusions or special conditions that could leave you unknowingly compromised,” says Mandy Barrett, Marketing Head of Aon South Africa.


In the spirit of learning, sharing and celebrating the healthcare profession that encompasses the ethos of The GP Expo, Medicoop CFI and Aon South Africa supports the growth and development of the industry by investing in healthcare projects, technologies and business opportunities in South Africa.