MediCoop CFI Member’s Bulletin 1/2017

MediCoop CFI

MediCoop CFI Member’s Bulletin 1/2017

We are excited to introduce our MediCoop CFI Bulletin for members to keep you informed of latest developments.
We appreciate the commitment and involvement of each board member and thank them for their contribution. Unfortunately Dr Gwen Ramokgopa and Dr Werner Botha resigned.

Presently the board members are:

  • Adv. Barney Esterhuyzen (Chairperson)
  • Mr. Fritz Luttich
  • Mr. Trevor Allnutt
  • Mr. Tobie Louw
  • Mr. Louis Botha
  • Dr. Michelle Karl
  • Dr. Dewald Bester
  • Dr. Nkhensane Khosa
  • Dr. Niall Evans
  • Dr. Samson Tshabangu
  • Dr. Nkateko Munisi
  • Mr. Theuns Botha (Managing Director)
  • Mr. Paul van Heerden
  • Mr. Jako Calitz

In accordance with the board’s resolution, Mr. Theuns Botha commenced the MD position on 1 April 2017.

We appointed Ms. Lydia Hagedoorn as chief financial officer and company secretary. After obtaining her B.Com (ACC) from RAU and her honours degree from Unisa, she articled at KPMG in Johannesburg. Lydia has some 25 years’ experience across functional line management and strategy planning. Lydia assumed duty on 15 May 2017. In addition to her head-office functions in Pretoria, it is anticipated that she will establish a significant MediCoop CFI presence in that part of the country.


  • We entered into an agreement with Medici ( in terms of which a pilot project will soon kick off to test the market and the system. We have also negotiated a broader spectrum of services to be provided by MediCoop CFI to Medici SA, beyond the initial intention of only being a representative agent in the market.
  • The Debtor’s Division business in co-operation with Medsol ( commenced operationally. We are looking forward to this division becoming very successful in the foreseeable future.
  • We have entered into co-operation agreements with Fineprint ( and Badger Holdings ( that enabled us to launch Asset Rental Financial Services for medical equipment. These agreements offer us the opportunity to enter the market with a reliable system and the required capital. Simultaneously we are also exploring other partnerships and product potential in this same market. The Asset Rental Finance Services division is currently our major focus area with regards to product development and market penetration.
  • We are in different stages of finalizing agreements with major medical equipment suppliers in SA to be awarded the opportunity to provide rental finance solutions to their clients.


  • We are in continuous negotiations with various service providers and potential clients. We are currently exploring opportunities with numerous small, medium, large and corporate institutions to provide an array of services to our members, including (but not limited to) insurance, practice management, practice management training, financial services and financing services. More detail will be shared soonest.
  • Negotiations and preparation to provide financing services to the Locum Business Sector is well underway. Significant system development is required to optimize the full potential of this market. More detail will be provided at the upcoming board meeting, but it is safe to say that the anticipated model for this product has the potential to revolutionize the whole locum industry – nationally and internationally – with significant potential for our business.
  • We are in negotiations with numerous representative institutions in the medical sector, such as medical insurance companies, medical practitioner organizations, and the veterinary, dental, allied and pharmaceutical sectors to form co-operation agreements / strategic partnerships. More detail will be shared later.
  • Much time and effort is currently allocated to develop financing services and to obtain the required capital for medical practice finance with the intention to offer financial service solutions to both new start-ups, as well as existing practices in the medical sector.
  • We are exploring investment options and opportunities for investors that will hopefully bear fruit soon.
  • Meetings with numerous other financial institutions have taken place to accommodate corporate accounts for MediCoop CFI, to share services, to utilize systems and to partner with financing solutions. This is work in progress.

Please take note that the Annual General Meeting will be held in October 2017 – details will be communicated to members soon. We are very excited about the viability and future of MediCoop CFI and believe we are able to develop your bank to become a major role player in the medical financing sector.

Please browse our website ( regularly for latest media information.

Feel free to contact me with proposals or new ideas for business. We have an open door approach.

MediCoop CFI greetings.

Theuns Botha
Managing Director
083 700 4790