MediCoop CFI Member’s Bulletin 2/2018

MediCoop CFI

MediCoop CFI Member’s Bulletin 2/2018

Dear Doctor / Practice Manager

PS: We urgently need GP`s and casualty doctors for Locum shifts and permanent positions.
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MouldProd would like to offer the following for the month of February!Prices exclude VAT and delivery and are valid till 28 February 2018 while stock lasts.Check out some of the New products this month!

Finance / Rental option is available on our equipment.We also invite you to let us know what other product requirements you have.
We can now also assist on finance options for setting up new practices.

POC Analysers Price
Cerastat 2000 HBA1c Analyser R 33799.94
DUS-R50 Urine Analyser @ R18199.94 R 18199.94
DUS Reader 300 Urine analyser @ R22099.94 R 22099.94
Strips / cartridges are optional
Centrifuges / Microscopes
Olympus CX23 Binocular LED Microscope ACHR 4x 10x 40x 100x OIL R 14896.20
BestScope 2022 Binocular Microscope LED  , ACHR 4x 10x 40x 100x OIL with battery R 7850.00
Bench Top Centrifuge PLC-03 R 3883.15
KHT-400 Haematocrit Centrifuge R 7346.43
Multi-test units
EasyTouch GU Glucose/ Uric Acid R 740.94
EasyTouch GC Glucose/ Cholesterol R 935.94
EasyTouch GCU Glucose/ Cholesterol/ Uric Acid R 1104.95
EasyTouch GCHb Glucose/ Cholesterol/ Haemoglobin R 1104.95
Easy Life HB with 25 strips R 1194.88
Head Lamp, KD- 202A-3, with x5 magnify loupes & rechargeable battery pack R 8795.84
HUGO-LED-C (2.7m) ceiling mounted operating lamp R 14379.96
Operating Lamp   L734,halogen, 4 reflector, mobile R 13955.00
Woods Lamp R 1280.70
Welch Allyn 46072R Solid State Head lamp with rigid Head band / power source /charger R 4788.52
Welch Allyn GS300 General Exam Lamp, mobile R 6536.34
Welch Allyn GS600 Minor Procedure Lamp mobile R 11912.30
Pupil Torch with gauge R 38.50


Vinno Range – Modern, High Quality Imaging

Vinno V5 Portable Colour Doppler ultrasound with convex probe, 4D Optional @ R84578.00 R 156912.00
Vinno V6 Portable Colour Doppler ultrasound with convex probe, 4D Optional @ R84578.00 R 191901.00
Vinno E10 Colour Doppler ultrasound with convex probe, 4D Optional @ R84578.00 R 177380.00
Vinno E20 Colour Doppler ultrasound with convex probe, 4D Optional @ R84578.00 R 192609.00
Vinno E30 Colour Doppler ultrasound with convex probe, 4D Optional @ R84578.00 R 222936.00


 uProbe Wi-Fi Cordless Ultrasound

uProbe 5C – Wireless Convex 3,5/5 MHz with case R 37500.00
uProbe 5L – Wireless Linear 7,5/10 MHz with case R 38950.00
uProbe 5N – Wireless Linear 10/14 MHz  with case R 38950.00
uProbe C5L – Wireless Linear Colour Doppler 7,5/10 MHz with case R 46950.00
WED 9618 B/W portable ultrasound with abdominal probe & battery R 29500.00
Mindray DP-10 B/W portable unit with abdominal probe & battery R 34100.00
Mindray DP-30 B/W portable unit with convex probe, Doppler & battery R 62300.00
Mindray DP-50 B/W portable unit with convex probe & battery R 79728.80
Mindray Z5 Portable Colour Doppler Ultrasound with convex probe R 98500.00
Sony UMD-898 Ultrasound Printer R 14100.00
Ultrasound Pinter Paper UPP-110 R 234.00
Ultrasound Gel, 5L R 128.00
ECG Units – Resting / Stress
Contec 300G, 3 channel, 12 lead with interpretation, PC software R 8119.63
Contec 600G, 6 channel, 12 lead with interpretation, PC software R 10439.52
Contec 1200G, 12 channel, 12 lead with interpretation, PC software R 14499.35
Welch Allyn CP50Basic 12 Lead ECG with interpretation R 21753.26
Welch Allyn CP50 Plus 12 Lead ECG with interpretation R 27970.70
DMS Stress ECG, Bluetooth, with resting ECG included and laptop R 52300.00
Spirometer / ABPM /BP Units
AME Spirometer, Full PC based, plug and play, easy to use. R 14980.00
AME Weather Station, PC based for spirometer R 2895.00
Rossmax Peakflow PF120A, Adult or Child R 120.50
Contec SP10 Spirometer, digital, USB download to PC R 3145.00
ABPM50 , Contec, with PC software, 24 hour ambulatory BP R 4290.00
D5401-189 Welch Allyn Durashock Manometer with Flexiport Velcro Cuff, adult and zip case R 681.61
2400  Welch Allyn ProBP2400 NIBP with adult cuff R 4487.31
34XFHT-7  Welch Allyn ProBP3400 with SureBP, handheld R 8970.09
BP Aneroid Square, wall mounted R 292.55
BP Micromed LD575, digital, upper arm R 350.00
BP Rossmax, Clinical BPM08A with SPo2 R 1623.10
Rossmax MX701W Digital BP Unit R 741.55
BP Aneroid mobile with Adult cuff R 625.97
Diathermy / Cautery Units / Scales
Surtron 80W Mono & bipolar R 10741.50
Surtron 120W Mono & bipolar R 14634.10
Charder Hebe 1, adult floor scale, 150kg R 358.10
Charder Cupid 1 Baby Scale, digital, 20kg max R 793.82
Charder MS3400, Adult Floor Scale with Height Rod , 300kg max R 3682.10
BMI Wheel R 48.00
Height Measure, wall mounted R 65.00
Tape Measure 150cm R15.85
Welch Allyn Diagnostic Sets/ other
22841 Junior Ottoscope Set with pouch R 522.23
95001  Pocket Junior Opthalmoscope, Otoscope, 2 handles, pouch R 1811.83
92871  LED Junior Pocket Set, Opthalmoscope, Otoscope, 2 handles, pouch R 3035.25
77747  Green Wall Diagnostic System, Coaxial Opthalmoscope, Otoscope R 8894.87
97250BI Professional Plus Diagnostic, Coaxial Opthalmoscope, Otoscope, hard case R 4409.13
97202VC  Hospital Classic Diagnostic, Coaxial Opthalmoscope, Otoscope, Nicad Handles, Hard case R 6840.53
97202VSM Elite Diagnostic Set, Coaxial Opthalmoscope, Otoscope, Lithium Ion Handles, hard case R 7843.38
420NTB-E2  Spot Vital Signs Monitor, NIBP, SPo2, Temp R 31677.80
69697 Laryngoscope Fibre Optic E-Mac Set Includes Blade Sizes Nos. 1,2,3 and 4 R 9307.12
69696 Laryngoscope Fibre Optic American McIntosh Set Includes Blades Sizes Nos. 1,2,3, and 4 R 8817.25
78812 Complete Kleenspec Disposable Vaginal Specula illumination system with On/Off switch and transformer R 3473.95
59005 KleenSpec Series 590 Premium Illuminated Disposable Vaginal Specula. 48/case R 4531.24
Air Purifiers – purifies, sanitizes, deodorizes, humidifies
Leaf Air Purifier R 525.95
Rainbow Air Purifier with colour light R 640.00
Kitz 60ml Botanical solution (various fragrance R 85.00
CritiPack for:
Emergency Intraoseous pack R 253.50
Medical Suture pack R 156.00
Naso-gastric Tube pack R 65.78
Needle Cricithyoroidotomy pack R 64.35
Surgical Airway pack R 75.40
Urinary Catherization pack R 80.08
Forceps / Instruments / Bandages/ Consumables
Prices available on quote request
232X Table Top Autoclave 16L , semi auto R 20465.50
Chamber- Mate, autoclave descaler , 10 sachets/ box R 721.00
UV Sterilizer 15W, Germicide R 2790.15
UV Sterilizer 30W, Germicide R 4049.11
Suction Unit Aspiret, 15L/min R 1537.37
Suction Unit Askir 20 28L/min R 2293.20
Suction Unit Askir 30 28L/min R 3125.70
Suction Unit Askir C30, mobile trolley with 2x 2Litre jars R 5321.50
Advance Life Support Bag with contents R 4202.65
Basic Life Support Bag with contents R 1388.38
Intermediate Life Support Bag with contents R 1889.77
AED700 Defibrillator R 17915.00
Contec 50DL1 Pulse Oximeter, finger tip R 315.20
Contec CMS5100 Vital Signs monitor, NIPB/ SPo2 R 4750.00
Doppler  Foetal BF500++ pocket R 1234.43
Thermometer, digital with flex tip R 35.00
Thermometer Non-Contact Forehead Infrared, (gun-type) HTD8808 R 599.00
Clineb Clinical Nebulizer R 1455.00
Nebulizer, Miko with nebset R 355.00
Exam Gloves, Latex, powder free, 10/pack R 600.00
AmbuBag, silicone resuscitator with mask adult or child R 429.30
Nail Brushes, autoclavable R 32.00
Plastibells Circumcision, sizes 1.2cm -1.7cm R 68.00
Patella Hammer, Babinsky R 42.00
POP SAW (plaster of paris saw) R 5274.65
Foetal Doppler JPD-100B R 950.00
ECG Paper, Contec 300G/ 600G, 5 rolls/pack R 325.00
Wheelchair, Basic, fixed arm rest and adjustable Foot rest R 1350.00
Ear Syringe , s/steel R 216.50
Dental Syringe, s/steel R 152.37
Laryngoscope , conventional with universal 4 blade set R 792.15

Give us a call/email or Fax today for full product information and proposal. Also kindly contact us for assistance on any other product requirements.We look forward to hear from you!

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