Members are allowed to invest in MediCoop CFI through further voluntary shares. These shares are identical to member shares, except that they are voluntary (and are accounted for as a separate equity balance in line with CBDA compliance requirements). A single member is not allowed to hold more than 15% of the total issued share capital….


As members’ confidence in MediCoop CFI grows, so will organic member savings. In the interim however, fixed long-term member savings with a relatively competitive market related return will be utilised to house savings of institutional member investors wishing to inject capital into MediCoop CFI over and above the 15% equity limit….

Practice Finance

MediCoop CFI will enter into service level agreements with various practice management and medical bureau service providers. Their payment systems will interface with MediCoop CFI’s systems in order to facilitate the use of MediCoop CFI current accounts for practices under their administration. MediCoop CFI will outsource certain….


As one of its base services, members will be able to open a current account with MediCoop CFI. The aim of this account is not to substitute a member’s existing personal transactional bank account, but rather to progress into becoming the operational account of choice for member practices….